Word Shop – Non-fiction

Entry 1 – Non-fiction 

Name: Si

Age: 8

The Ultimate Residence

          I can’t believe how exciting this story is and I can’t wait for anybody to read it. First, we have lots of books in our cool residence and we haven’t even read all of them yet. There are business books for my dad, cooking books for my mom, college books for my oldest brother, thick novels for my older brother, and the “Dogman” novel series for myself. I can imagine that we could set up a library with all the books that we have. If you were a bookworm, you would like to stay in our house and wouldn’t want to come out.

          Second, the beds in our shelter are spectacularly soft and if you have a chance to lie down on one of them, you would never want to get off. My bed is the largest in the residence. It is 5 times the size of my whole body. I feel like a king in my own palace. My older brother stays in bed all day long except for when he’s eating. He plays games, reads books, watches movies, and does his homework in bed. He said his bed at home is much more comfortable than the one in his school, and so he wants to enjoy every second of it, when he comes home every weekend.

            Third, my backyard is huge, it is like two regular backyards combined. On the right side of my backyard we have a small playground. In that area we have monkey bars, swings, slides, and ropes for climbing. Also, on the right side we have a medium sized swimming pool. In the summer, I swam in the swimming pool because it was so hot and I wanted to get refreshed. On the left side of the backyard we have trees and rocks.

          Fourth, our basement is split in half. The left side of the basement is where we play video games like Super Smash Bros, Foosball, Mario, and more. We also have book shelves on the right side and a work room for my dad. On the right side of my basement we have a room with mirrors around for my mom to do yoga, for me to play basketball, and practice Taekwondo.

     There are still lots of things in my residence that is why I like it. I think that my home is perfect.

Entry 2 – Non-fiction 

Name: Khangaroo

Age: 10

Best Place in the World

      It is the best place to travel to. It has the best tourist attractions. It has beautiful views. It is Vietnam “The best place to visit in the world is Vietnam.” When I went to one of the tourist attractions called Bình Tây Market, I knew I had to just explore more of Vietnam.

Some main tourist attractions include Fairy Stream, Hang Sơn Đoòng (the biggest cave in the world), Hỏa Lò Prison, but the most famous tourist attraction is Hạ Long Bay. Hạ Long Bay has around 1,600 islets. Hỏa Lò Prison was used as a prison in the Vietnam War. One cool thing that it owns is the flight suit of John McCain.

These tourist attractions are the best because they can include things like different tours, amazing views, historical facts, items that you can never see anywhere else. These things include emerald waters of Hạ Long Bay and countless more things in many more places. Another example of something you can do in Hạ Long Bay is take 1-3-day tours in a boat with beds and everything you will need. During the tour, they will lead you into the beautiful marble lined caves.

Some attractions around the world include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. Most famous tourist attractions are man made. Some are not. These structures are very famous. They can be discovered very quickly. While places like Hạ Long Bay have been around for about 500 million years and they have still not discovered all of it. Scientists still have a long way to go to finish discovering it.

Entry 3 – Non-fiction 

Name: Bond

Age: 10

Tennis Anyone?

          Basketball, soccer, baseball, football, all great sports to play. My favourite sport is tennis for a multitude of reasons. Physically, tennis makes my body feel great, and I find myself smiling because I love it so much. Perhaps the most important reason for my feelings about tennis is that you learn so much about life when you play. Tennis can be played one vs one or, equally enjoyably you can play with a friend, two vs two. You can begin to play tennis as a child or you can begin to play as an adult, it’s great for young or old. Everyone should learn the basics and start playing tennis right now.

          It feels stupendous when you hit the tennis ball because it reflects and goes in another direction and it also gives off an extremely satisfying sound. It feels awesome when you win because you feel proud that you beat someone. Tennis also satisfies me when my friends come over and we all play tennis together.

          It’s very exciting because you can play for fun or seriously. Even for beginners, there are also people at your level that can make the game more fun because it isn’t too hard or too easy. Tennis is a game designed to make playing sports more exciting, though it is very competitive. The enjoyment grows if you have a lot of friends playing with you. I even love playing with people that I have never met before.

          Another reason why I like tennis is that I can learn a lot while I play. The most important thing I learned was to never give up to always try my best. “Anybody who can dial a telephone can master tennis scoring in about 15 minutes,” according to Bradley Whitford. I learned that you need teamwork whenever you do something, and I learned to focus more on what I am doing.

          Those are the main reasons I think tennis is one of the best sports ever made. Many people have the same feelings that I have, but people don’t like tennis. Everyone has their own opinions, but I love tennis and I know that tennis is one of the best sports ever made.

Entry 4 – Non-fiction 

By: Anh 

Age: 11

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen

      Chess is a fun and interactive strategy game. Many people play it as a career, and others just play it for fun. Today, I am going to be talking about one of the best chess players in the world. Many chess players would know him but others won’t. Introducing, the best chess player in the world (currently), Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen. He was crowned the world’s best, after beating Garry Kasparov in ratings. Now then, let’s continue with the essay.

     Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen was born on November 30th, 1990 in Tønsberg, Norway. His father was Henrik Albert Carlsen and his mother was Sigrun Øen. At a young age, Carlsen was able to solve fifty-piece jigsaw puzzles. When he was four, he enjoyed building Lego with instructions for children aged four to ten. His father was the one who taught him chess. He wasn’t really into chess at that time. He said that one of the reasons he got serious about chess was because he wanted to beat his sisters. This was Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen’s childhood.

     During Carlsen’s early days of chess, he had a booklet by Bent Larsen called “Find the Plan”. Larsen was a Danish grandmaster. His first openings book was “The Complete Dragon” by Eduard Gufeld. His skills were gained by hours and hours of practicing, playing to himself, searching for combinations and replaying positions and games. Carlsen trained under grandmaster Simen Agdestine. Simen later introduced Carlsen to Grandmaster Torbjørn Ringdall Hansen. Carlsen’s ratings changed tremendously as he won three and a half points out of five in a junior tournament. Between the years 2000 to 2002, Carlsen had participated in many chess tournaments. He played in almost 300 rated tournament chess games. He was soon awarded the title of International Master.

     Carlsen’s career started when he won the Corus Chess Tournament in Group-C. He made headlines in 2004. He only lost one match against the highest ranked player in his group, Duško Pavasovič. He continued in a blitz tournament. He was paired up with Garry Kasparov, one of the best chess players in the world. Unfortunately for Carlsen, he lost. During the sixth Dubai Open Chess Championship, Carlsen had achieved his third and final Grandmaster norm and became the world’s youngest person to become a grandmaster. From then on, he continued to play many tournaments until he surpassed Garry Kasparov, the highest ranked player in the world.

     Those were some interesting facts about Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen, the best chess player in the world (in rankings). I hope you have learned something new from my essay. I certainly learned something. I also play chess and so far, I had a pretty good start. I’m nowhere close to being as good as Carlsen but someday; I hope to have the title of grandmaster, too. Do you play chess? If you don’t, I suggest you play it. Then, you could compete with many others to become the best chess player in the world. Maybe you could beat Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen someday, who knows. If you do play chess, then I would be happy to compete with you for the title of “Best Chess Player in the World”. Thank you for listening and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

Entry 5 – Non-fiction 

By: Liam

Age: 11

How the Oort Cloud was Created

      It all started when leftovers of solar nebula created our sun 4.5 billion years ago. The sun was a ball of fire leaving gas, dust and rock as it burned. The gas, dust and rocks created a cloud circling our sun. The frozen debris bumps into each other because there was a huge amount of them. As the debris bumps into each other they form planets and planets have gravity. The planets’ gravity pull things toward them but there are lots of planets not counting several dwarf planets. This makes the frozen debris scatter around because they get pulled around by the planets’ gravity. This makes them scatter around because for example the sun pulling an asteroid in but in its process Jupiter interfere and scatters it somewhere else. Eventually the frozen debris gets scattered across the solar system. Now the sun holds no power over it. Some of the debris does not make it out of the sun’s gravitational pull and leaves behind this sort of belt around the planets called the asteroid belt and the Kuiper Belt. The debris that makes it out, circles the whole solar system including the asteroid belts. This is called the Oort cloud. In all, I learned that the Oort cloud created our whole planetary system or solar system; whichever you prefer. 

How we know the Oort Cloud actually Exists

      What I’m about to tell you is theoretical and might not be true. Scientist Jan Oort once thought of something circling our solar system including the asteroid belts. He thought there was a bubble of dust, gas and debris leftover since the creation of our solar system. The debris had gone out of the zone where the sun did not have a huge impact on it. To argue that he was right, scientist Jan Oort studied long period comets; the ones that would take 200 years just to do one orbit, yet it’s flying at 100 miles per SECOND! Oort thought that this was a little suspicious. So he observed and then predicted where the origin of comets were; where they all started.  Most of them led to a place around our solar system, approximately 20 Astronomical Units away. The distance between the Earth and the sun is 1 Astronomical Unit, which is estimated at around 150 million kilometers. If you think that’s a lot, take 150 million kilometers and multiply it by 20 and that’s not even the end of the Oort cloud. In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that the universe is huge and holds many interesting things, hopefully.

What the Oort Cloud’s Function is

      The Oort Cloud is a huge bubble of gas, ice, dust and debris left by the creation of our sun. These materials over time come together to form things like asteroids, meteors and comets. We can’t prove the Oort cloud is real and we certainly don’t have pictures of the Oort cloud. Based on the given information the Oort cloud is basically a storage room for asteroids, meteors and comets. Some might say it’s a bubble protecting and holding things in place. That is what the Oort cloud is.

Does the Oort Cloud Orbit the sun?

      In some ways, the Oort cloud does orbit the sun. This is because the Oort cloud holds comets and comets orbit the sun, but not really, because 3 light years away from the sun is enough to make it lose control; they say the Oort cloud is about 5000-100000 Astronomical Units away. Also, the sun’s gravity makes asteroids, meteors and comets from the Oort cloud bump into each other which impacts their paths. This is why we see comets, asteroids and meteors every year. In conclusion, yes the things in the Oort cloud do orbit the sun, but in an unstable orbit. Basically this means it does not orbit on one direct path but instead moves around. I don’t think any objects in the Oort cloud finish one orbit because long period comets  have finished one orbit and these comets are way closer to us than the Oort cloud. That’s my conclusion!

Entry 6 – Non-fiction 

By: Samuel

Age: 11

Who is the Most Skilled Robin?

         Batman and his Boy Wonder, Robin, have had numerous appearances in the comic book world. Fans think that they go together very well, but here’s an interesting fact, there’s not just one Robin, there were actually four people who took over the identity. I hope this fact amazed you . Alright, enough talking and let’s talk about the first Robin ever, Richard Grayson.

        Richard Grayson who has a new superhero name called “Nightwing,” took the name Robin since he was twelve. Richard can relate to Batman very well since both of their parents were murdered when Richard and Batman were young. Their team work is sometimes not so great since Batman is more drawn into the dark and uses fear and intimidation to get what he needs and save who he needs. Whereas Richard is more drawn into the light and uses different tactics. Richard is patient and very intelligent. His acrobatic skills are actually better than Batman’s. You might be asking yourself “how is a twelve year old kid who was Robin better at acrobatics than Batman?” Well, he grew up in a circus and his parents were there to help him learn tricks. This skill helps him boost to be a better Robin than most. Now, he’s not Robin anymore, he’s a hero called “ Nightwing.” Now, let’s go to the next Robin, Jason Todd.

       The second Robin, Jason Todd, took his job not very seriously but he did well. Fans didn’t really like Jason since he didn’t take his job seriously and my paragraphs are talking about who is the most skilled Robin. We will not be looking at Jason’s Robin, but we will look at his current and better version, Red Hood. Red Hood is working by himself now. He got kicked out of Gotham multiple times but he’s sorry for his actions. Jason doesn’t follow Batman’s rules anymore, he’s an anti-hero and he uses two pistols to fight. His story of becoming the Red Hood is interesting. It begins with Superman in a time warp and he eventually broke out of it. After he broke out of it, the real universe got mixed up for one second and that brought Jason back to life, he was killed by the Joker. He was found by a person named Ras Al’ Ghul, ( Batman’s old martial art teacher). He trained Jason to be a professional marksman, martial artist and kickboxing. He is very intelligent but one thing that can get him distracted during fighting is his rage, which leaves him open for physical and psychological attacks. His skills put him up head to head with Richard and definitely put him up near the top of this list. Let’s go to the next Robin, Tim Drake. 

        Tim’s mantel is loved by fans and, Batman himself. He gets compliments from  Batman and that’s a pretty rare thing. One of his famous compliments is in a page and it said this “ Richard saw being Robin as a thrill. It’s probably why he grew out of it. Jason saw being Robin as a game. It’s probably what got him killed. But Tim, I have to hand it to the boy, he wants to be the world’s greatest detective and what I’ve seen so far, he will be someday.” He uses strategy before combat and that boost him over Jason. He is very intelligent, he doesn’t use any weapon and that caught Batman’s attention. Batman has great hopes and expectations for Tim. I think Tim will be a great challenge if someone fought him.

       Damian Wayne is the newest Robin currently and he’s the youngest of them all. Damian is Batman’s actual son so they have one of the strongest bonds out of all the Robins. He got trained by Batman, Ras Al’ Ghul and you might be thinking, he got trained by Batman and Batman’s old martial arts teacher, shouldn’t he be the most skilled? Well think again. Damian is still very young and he is having trouble knocking out the criminals. That means he needs to get stronger. Overall, I think Damian is a good fighter for his age and he will continue to get better with training.

       That’s all for my list. What did you think of it? Who do you think was the ideal Robin? Thanks for reading this statement and in my opinion, I think the best Robin is Tim Drake. Remember, this is my opinion and it might be different from yours.

Entry 7 – Non-fiction 

By: Chi Lan

Age: 13

The Best Sport for YOU!

            Want to know the best overall sport for you? This is a graceful sport is the fourth most popular recreational activity in the United States. Although doing lane swim of fun swim might not seem like a vigorous exercise, it has plenty of benefits that’ll make you run to the nearest pool and dive right in! Swimming is a great all-around sport and activity, can improve exercise-induced asthma, and is great for our brains!

      When you choose running or soccer, you think of running. It’s all about running, and sometimes kicking the ball. Have you ever wondered what you do with your arms while running? It turns out, you don’t really use your arms that much. While you are swimming, your arms and torso are constantly working to pull you forward into your next stroke, while your legs are still working hard to kick.

      Swimming in indoor pools have great benefits for people suffering from asthma. While swimming, they are exposed to the warm, moist air in the pool environment, which is less likely to trigger asthma symptoms. It also helps you build up the muscles in your lungs used for breathing. Not only that, but swimming also helps you gain greater control of your breathing, since you constantly have to hold your breath.

      Swimming has also been proven to help alleviate stress and depression, while also sharpening your math skills. Listening to the sound of the water swoosh around you as you glide through the water is very relaxing. If you breathe deeply and rhythmically, swimming can be just as helpful as yoga. When your stress is lowered, chances of depression will decrease dramatically. Is swimming making you smarter? Young children can benefit from swimming since counting the distance they swim and adding them up can help sharpen their skills. Since they get more practice doing math, their academic skills will be greater.

      Swimming is a great sport for your body, can help with asthma, and has positive effects on your brain. Think about this and head for the pool!

Entry 8 – Non-fiction 

Name: Jackie

Age: 14


Happiness is tough to explain, as it is not a tangible object. It is a positive and satisfying feeling we get when we experience something pleasant.

When someone smiles, you can recognize if they are truly happy by watching their eyes, not their mouths. You can fake a smile, but you can’t fake your feelings. Notice that when someone’s eyes aren’t “twinkling,” they are probably not happy.

Happiness is usually associated with yellow. Yellow symbolizes cheerfulness, joy, enthusiasm, and energy. When your aura is yellow, you are believed to be feeling joyful and free. However, it is a superstition and should not be taken too seriously.

As I mentioned before, happiness is not something you can touch nor something you can buy either. Money can’t buy you happiness (but money can buy things that make you happy), so do something that makes you happy. Like have a hobby or take a walk. Sometimes, simple things can make you happy and satisfied with life.

Happiness is healthy for your mental and physical health. You can think clearly and deal with problems more efficiently. So smile more and think positively.


Entry 9 – Non-fiction

Name: Pluto

Age: 17

My Real Name

In the words of William Shakespeare, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare also said, “O thou invisible spirit of wine, if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil.” I know that I’m not a rose, and I know that I’m not a devil. In Vietnamese my full name is Pham Anh Vuong. My name has three parts, “Pham” is my last name, “Anh” is my middle name and “Vuong” is my first name. In addition, each part of my name has a different meaning and every part is certainly meaningful. “Pham” is a popular phamily name, oops sorry for the mistake, family name in Vietnam nowadays. My middle name means “brother” and “Vuong” means “noble king.”

In my country, many people believe in Buddhism, geomancy and those are related in many things of our daily life. First, the word “geomancy” came from Chinese which is called “feng shui”, because Vietnamese tradition and culture mostly came from China, many years ago. “Feng shui” is the thing people believe about personality or characters of one person through 5 elements on the Earth: metal, earth, wood, fire, water.

In my culture, people choose names for newborn children by the theory of geomancy or choose names have a beautiful meaning. Also, many people go to a fortune teller to ask about it, but some ask their parents who are the grandparents of the newborn child. Some names in Vietnam are extremely rare because all of them came from or reply to what their parents did in life or some activities important in their daily life.

The reasons I got my name is because my dad wanted me, in the future to have a better life than him and my name is meaningful to my family. The good meanings are rich, luxurious life, all good things will come to me. Plus, more, as in “feng shui,” my name has a meaning or a fortune that I need to go abroad or get out of my country so I can be rich, happy and so now I’m in Canada. On the other hand, my name means if I do something wrong in my life, every good thing would change to bad, easily.

Now in Canada, I’d use my parents’ ways and including my way so my children will have one Vietnamese name and one English name. I will choose it because a Vietnamese name is hard for Canadians to pronounce. Also, I want my children to remember where I came from and remember Vietnamese culture.

For me, I’m glad and feel thankful to my parents because they gave me the best name ever. Also, I don’t want to change my name because it has many good things for me and it’s rare in my country. Another reason is my name is helpful in tests at school or in my daily life.

As you know my English name is “Pluto,” which is the star from space, and it means “Hades” the king of hell. Also, “Pluto” and “Hades” in Vietnamese are all called “diem vuong” which is my name in that too. I can say that my name has so many meanings from many different cultures and different countries.