Twelve Important Pronunciation Tips

Twelve Important Pronunciation Tips

Follow these Twelve Important Pronunciation Tips and you will succeed.

  1. Speak English as often as possible. Start using what you have learned from this site and other sources until it becomes natural to speak that way. Talk to others when you want to, not only when it is necessary.
  2. Spend 15 minutes speaking English every day. Even if no one is with you, talk about your hopes, your plans, your past, anything really. Just get used to thinking and speaking in English.
  3. Record yourself, listen and compare your speech to English first speakers. You will soon hear the gradual improvement.
  4. Talk to an English first speaking friend. Ask him or her to correct you when you are talking. People who are making mistakes continue making the same mistakes unless someone tells them that they are wrong.
  5. Read as much English as you can, but read out loud and record yourself while reading. In this way, much will be accomplished. When you come to words that you don’t understand, look those words up in a dictionary to improve your vocabulary. Get used to forming the English words in your mouth. Listen to your recording to hear the mistakes you are making.
  6. Learn the IPA (International Phonetics Alphabet of sounds) used in most dictionaries. You can also look in an online dictionary that has audio. The IPA is available on this site in the member’s area.
  7. Record as much of your own speech as you can. Keep the audio files that you have created. You will be able to hear the mistakes you are making. Concentrate on fixing those mistakes. The files will also be important to you in the future. When you listen to them in a few months you will hear your improvement.
  8. Watch English movies and television and listen to English music.  Whenever possible watch English movies with English subtitles. Read out loud with the speaker in the movie. In this way, you will become accustomed to the speed/rhythm of the English language.
  9. Speak slowly. If you speak slowly the person you are talking to will understand you more easily.
  10. Pronounce the ends of words. Learn the three different sounds of “ed” endings and the three different sounds of “s” endings. Make certain to pronounce the necessary final consonant endings in other words. Available in the public section of this website.
  11. Develop a thick skin. This is an English idiom referring to developing an immunity to any negativity that comes your way. While “practice makes perfect” may not be completely true “practice leads to improvement” may be more accurate (it just doesn’t sound as good). The more you work on your speech the better and more natural it will become. Don’t let the criticism of others slow you down. You have a goal in sight, keep heading towards it. Don’t let the comments or actions of others affect what you need to do, and that is practice using the English we are teaching you here. Don’t let the actions of others prevent you from doing what you know you must do to succeed. Many years ago, I went to listen to a motivational speaker, I have forgotten his name but his message is still clear to me. He said that we all live in a comfort zone surrounded by walls, and every time we have something that we know that we should do that is outside of our comfort zone it is necessary to climb over the walls. If we approach the walls and turn back we add another brick to the walls and make those walls even stronger and harder to climb, but every time we go over those walls we knock off a brick and begin to destroy those walls. Of course, new walls will go up but eventually, we will destroy those as well.
  12. Don’t quit. Of the ten most important pronunciation tips, “don’t quit” is the most important. That same speaker also referred to us as our own biggest enemy. We have an idea, we think it will work, then for some reason, we start to doubt ourselves. Over 80% of our hopes and dreams don’t come true because we doubt ourselves and decide we can’t do it.

Follow these Twelve Important Tips and I know you will improve. If you have any questions please, just ask. Go to our contact us page, send me a message and I promise someone will get back to you as soon as possible.