Learning New Vocabulary is Fun

For Julie, Lucy and Jackie

I need a title for this page. Which Title is best?
1. Learning New Vocabulary is Fun
2. Learning New Vocabulary is Enjoyable
3. Learning New Vocabulary is Entertaining
4. Learning New Jargon is Entertaining
5. Acquiring New Jargon is Entertaining
6. Acquiring Current Jargon is Undeniably Entertaining

While deciding on which words to use, it will be necessary to look for words that have a little different meaning. It seems that “Acquiring Current Jargon is Undeniably Entertaining” is more professional than “Learning New Vocabulary is Fun”. Is it a better title?

Call it what you may, but work on your vocabulary because learning new vocabulary is fun.

Synonyms are words or phrases that have the same or a similar meaning.
Denotation is the literal meaning of a word.
Connotation is the feeling that the words invoke as well as the literal meaning.
You can find synonyms in a dictionary or thesaurus.

Be careful when you use a synonym. Some synonyms have connotations that the others don’t have.
Calling someone “slim/trim” or “skinny/scrawny” are similar in meaning but slim or trim are complementary, and would have positive connotations, whereas skinny or scrawny may be insulting and have negative connotations.

Try this, when you have time:

Rewrite each of the following sentences 10 times, using one different synonym each time. Search for synonyms that may be suitable.
Attempt to keep the meaning the same but be aware of a change in connotation. It should be interesting where these changes will take you.

*New Examples

I have prepared the following as an example:

1. Tommy, who was 16 at the time, hit the baseball over the fence.
2. Tommy, who was a teenager at the time, hit the baseball over the fence.
3. The teenager hit the baseball over the fence.
4. The teenager swatted the baseball over the fence.
5. The teen swatted the baseball over the fence.
6. The teen swatted the hardball over the fence.
7. The teen swatted the hardball over the palisade.
8. The teen swatted the orb over the palisade.
9. The teen swatted the sphere over the palisade.
10. The sphere that the teen swatted, soared over the palisade

Please work on the following sentences in the same manner.

1. Robert and Lucy had fun at Jackie’s party last night.
2. Tom hit the ball over the fence.
3. Julie spoke to her teacher about her homework assignment.
4. Carlos told Julian not to tease Sara.
5. Claudio bought his child, Kristobal, a stuffed animal.

Below is a list of well-known books and poems; Rewrite the titles using suitable synonyms.
Create three different titles using words that are the same as what you believe the author had in mind.

1. Lord of the Flies

2. The Scarlet Letter

3. Animal Farm

4. Of Mice and Men

5. Brave New World

6. Grapes of Wrath

7. Heart of Darkness

8. The Diary of a Young Girl

9. Great Expectations

10. Death of a Salesman

11. A Tale of Two Cities

12. Crime and Punishment

13. Things Fall Apart

14. The Road Not Taken

15. All the World’s a Stage

16. The Arrow and the Song

17. For Whom the Bell Tolls

18. Do Not go Gentle into that Good Night

19. She Walks in Beauty

20. Mending Wall