First Language Rules

Rules of Your First Language

The following is a guide to common mistakes arranged by first language. This does not mean  you will be making all the mistakes that people of your first language make, but it will give you an idea of what your problems will likely be.

When we are learning another language, there is good chance that the mistakes that you make come from using the rules of your first language, when you speak English. The rules of your first language are natural to you, and you will probably make some of those mistakes, automatically.

Since the rules for each language are different, I have divided the problems according to first languages.

Once you are aware of the mistakes that you are making, you can then work on correcting them. It is your choice how to correct these mistakes, however, many of these mistakes can be corrected with the help of the information in our “Members’ Section”. To become a member follow the links to the membership page. There is no long term commitment necessary, join for a month and I know you will see the benefits.

Keep working at the rules for English, until they become as natural to you, as the rules of your first language.

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