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The Present Progressive (Continuous) Tense 

We use the present progressive tense to describe an action that started in the past, is taking place, right now, at this present moment, and will probably continue in the future.

Form. Auxiliary Verb “to be” and Main Verb (bare infinitive) + ing.

The following words are often used in this tense: at the moment, Look!, Listen!, now, right now.

Positive Statement

SubjectAuxiliary Verb (to be)Main VerbObjectwherewhenhowwhy
Iamtypingan essay.
Youareeatinglunchat home.
People (they)arewatchinga movienow.


Question WordAuxiliary Verb (to be)SubjectMain VerbObjectwherewhenhowwhy
Areyoulistening tomusic?
*Whyaretheygoing toEuropein two weeks?

*Note: We can use the present progressive when we describe a scheduled event that is to take place soon.

Negative Statement

SubjectAuxiliary Verb (to be)"not" + Main VerbObjectwherewhenhowwhy
Iamnot walkingin the snow.
Youarenot talking tohim.
Billisnot eatinglunch.
Wearenot visitingJapanthis summer.
Theyarenot playingbaseballin the parkon Sunday.

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