Adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns.

Adjectives tell us:
Quantityfew, many, several, ten
Sizelarge, small, enormous
Tastesweet, sour, tart, delicious
Colourblue, reddish, dark, bright
Conditionbroken, dirty, clean
Shaperound, square
Appearance and Personalityfat, slim, angry, proud
Soundloud, noisy, blaring

In both writing and in speaking it is best to keep the number of adjectives to a minimum.

Order of Adjectives in Sentences

Most native English speakers do not realize that there is a definite order of adjectives when speaking or writing English. The proper order is used automatically because this is the way they have always heard adjectives when spoken. For a second language English speaker, this order can be problematic.


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