Word Shop – Fiction

Entry 1 – Fiction 

By: Anh



The Mysterious Potato


One morning, I woke up and jumped out of bed. I went to get myself a cup of water. Then, I got into the bathtub and took a nice, big soak. When I got out, I wore a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. I grabbed some bread and headed outside. It was another exciting day in Hermit-land, and I can’t wait to find some diamonds down in the mine. I headed to work, grabbed a helmet and got a pick axe. I ran down into the mine and started mining. It was a normal day until I smelled something peculiar. It wasn’t a normal smell that I would often find in the mine and it wasn’t from my house either! I looked around and I still couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary, so I kept on mining.

After I found some diamonds, I headed out and went straight to the shopping district where I could hopefully find someone to trade my diamonds with. A shop called Sahara gladly took up on my offer and in return, they would give me truckloads of concrete. It was useful since I was about to start up a shop myself. They said that they would try to deliver the concrete as soon as possible. Then, I smelled that scent again. I opened my backpack and saw a weird looking potato. I flipped it over and there was something written on it. The potato said, “Gotcha.” I didn’t understand what it was trying to say. I quickly put it into my backpack and headed home.

I opened my backpack again and took out the potato. I was still very confused, and I didn’t know what to do with it. I went to police station 77 to report the potato. Bad news for me, the police were busy, and nobody came. I had to go back and try to figure the problem out myself. I read documents and websites, but nothing came up. I was about to give up until I came across this video on YouTube.

There was a video that showed him sneaking a potato into my backpack. Turns out it was Mumbo who put the potato in my bag. I headed to Mumbo’s house and asked him what was going on. It turns out that there was a new mini-game going on with everyone in Hermit-land. If I received the hot potato, I would be punished until I passed it on to someone else. My punishment was, I had to wear a t-shirt that has a picture of Mumbo on it.

Who knows what will happen? With this ridiculous shirt on, I sure hope to pass the hot potato on to someone else. Until then, I’m stuck with this shirt.

The End

Entry 2 – Fiction 

By: Julie 

Age: 12


Dear Reader (whoever you are, hopefully not an alien from Earth),

Once you’ve just read the title and saw the picture, you would think this essay is about blueberries. Well you’re WRONG! BLUEBERRIES are MUCH better than just blueberries. And in this essay that I am writing now, I will talk about the power of BLUEBERRIES. Such as the ability to get you crashing through your roof, or blowing up your stomach by stuffing yourself with way too many BLUEBERRIES, or painting your body with purple BLUEBERRY juice, or – you get the idea.

To start us off, I’m going to introduce myself. Hello. I’m Brue from Venus and I work for the BLOX BLAZ BERRY Association. My job is to get other planetlings to buy our products. If you were nice enough to give us some money, I wouldn’t have to write this boring essay, but since you are mean and cruel, it’s my responsibility to make sure that you will purchase our glamorous BLUEBERRIES. You know, so we get some money.

   Enough with the skin, let’s sink our teeth into the juicy flesh part. The Venus BLUEBERRIES are award-winning! We only mine for the fresh and organic BLUEBERRIES. The ones that shoot you up into space! And I mean space, like where it is oxygen restricted. Now, the only planetlings that need oxygen would be the earthlings. My message to you earthlings: Don’t eat BLUEBERRIES unless you have an oxygen tank with you. As I mentioned before, these BLUEBERRIES can blow up your stomach. It’s like eating a bomb. If you die, it’s your fault, not ours, so we’re not giving you refunds. We put this very addictive chemical in the BLUEBERRIES making you eat at least 73,926 BLUEBERRIES. By then, you would probably explode already. For kids, we have BERRY JUICE PAINTINGS KITS. They are 100% danger free. We sell edible BERRY JUICE PAINT and PAINTBRUSHES, including safe-to-eat CANVAS. But most baby aliens don’t use the CANVAS as a painting base, instead, they use themselves. Just saying.

So, what do you think? Pretty neat, right? If you have any questions after reading this wonderful essay about BLUEBERRIES, visit blah//:venusdontanswerquestions:aliens.dont.ask//justtypeyourownanswer

I hope you found our website quite helpful. Enjoy the rest of your day! Tomorrow, you will wake up to find 73,926 BLUEBERRIES delivered on your front porch. You will soon find yourself eating those BLUEBERRIES, so like I said, enjoy the rest of your day! ‘Cause you’re going to be kinda busy tomorrow.

Entry 2 (b) – Fiction 


Julie Pham

Age: 13 yrs

I sit glaring, the sun blinding me, but what should I care. The water, slowly trickles, across the ocean wide. The sky, not clear, but a perfect sunset blue. The clouds, just staying, as if the world has stopped. I breathe in, a deep-sea filling my lungs. I lean back and close my eyes, open my mouth and let the sun slide across my tongue. The chilling warmth tickles my lips as I let in the taste of fish galore. I let the graceful wind dance with my hair, for what should I care. My legs in front of me, in a crisscrossed position. My thick woolly blanket cushions the hard wooden deck. I wait, and listen to the roaring silence of the world around me. But what should I care, for as beautiful as beauty is, there’s still the evil that lurks, waiting in the dark. I remember this moment for it’ll be my last. I remember this evening of sunset and silence, of fire and water, of the perfection of beauty, for I’ll see it no more. I close my tired eyes and drift off to the sleep of eternity.


Entry 3 – Fiction 

By Chi Lan


Rediscovering Myself

I have trained for years in preparation for this. My hands were starting to get sweaty, as we pulled up to the starting point of Waterton National Park. I was going to be out in the wild, with bears for around the next eight weeks, with my friends. Sarah would be hiking with me, and Alexis and Ada would be driving and providing us with refills at rest points. When we pulled up, a majestic sign announced the beginning of the Great Divide Trail. This was the longest hiking trail in Canada, totaling 1,130km.

Sarah and I unloaded our stuff from the minivan and bid farewell to Ada and Alexis. Since we were used to hiking, the first week went along without many hiccups. The second week, we started to encounter more parts of the trail that wasn’t a “trail” but was actually more like an unmarked route, where early explorers had ventured. These parts were more dangerous, and in fact, we’ve spotted plenty of wildlife, although none had caused us any trouble up to that point.

When Sarah stepped outside the next morning, she almost tripped over a moose, who had decided to make itself comfortable right in front of our tent. The last thing we wanted was an insane moose, but we couldn’t disassemble our tent right next to the moose! In the distance, almost at the same time, Sarah and I both spotted a shadow coming towards us. We could not see what it was but assumed that it was a harmless rabbit. We continued to carefully pack up our belongings around the moose until a skunk sauntered into the clearing.

Alarmed, the moose stood up and frightened the skunk, and the skunk started to stomp its feet and hiss. That inevitably scared the moose, and it charged towards the forest, stupidly in the direction of the skunk. The skunk turned around and raised its tail at Sarah and I, as we clambered into the tent. Just as we both dove into the tent, right before we closed it, the unbearable stench of the skunk’s musk wafted around our site. We packed our bags as quickly as we could and ran out of there while telling Alexis and Ada about our unfortunate encounter as they chuckled.

Sarah and I recently completed the Great Divide Trail, and let me tell you, it is tough. Along the way, I rediscovered myself and found that my passion was hiking. In those weeks, I also found out what I loathed (I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with chipmunk). The gorgeous views and the delicious meals that we would have after an extremely long trek really made up for that disastrous encounter.  While our hike is nowhere near Terry Fox’s accomplishment, I can now say that I hiked for nine weeks and trekked for over 1000 k!

Entry 4 – Fiction 

Name: Lucy

Age:  14

The Hidden Ability

      I was born as a girl who was gifted with the ability to stop time. I didn’t realize I had this potential until my fifth birthday when my parents told me about it. They started to train me for it, I was doing extremely well, and everything was perfect.

    Today, I came to school late as I always do, I froze the time and ran to class. Suddenly, I saw a guy running to class as well, I didn’t think much about it. However, as soon as I got to class and unfroze the time I realized that there was a guy running around when I froze the time. The next day I went to school, I noticed the guy everywhere. Though weirdly, I got called down to the principal’s office. The principal introduced me to the same guy that I’ve been seeing everywhere and told me more about him and how he is new to the school. At least now I know that his name is Steve and I know basically everything else about him. I am supposed to be his friend which is probably beneficial for me to see if he is like me and has the ability to freeze time as well. We became genuine friends within a few weeks and I really enjoyed hanging out with him. However, I’m still trying to figure out his secret.

    After a few months of hanging around him, Steve finally told me. He said, “I’ve been trying to keep this secret for so long, no one knows about it except for my parents. I have this ability that allows me to freeze time whenever I want to.” I told him I also have the same ability and that I saw him a few weeks back running to class when I froze time. We both laughed and were determined to find others like us who are capable of doing the same thing. Both Steve and I went ahead to ask our parents where we came from and if they know why we have this ability. Our parents told us several things, but Steve and I only took the things we had in common into consideration.The both of us were from a faraway country called Sabe, which explains why we looked similar. Another thing is that we both had a long line of ancestors that go way back to when most families didn’t exist yet.

    We did research for months until we found 2 others like us. We reached out to them and met up with them. The four of us bonded amazingly and sometimes we would even freeze time to sneak out of school and hang out with each other. We were like one of those superhero squads and it was so enjoyable. We had many fun get together and it was perfect.

Entry 5 – Fiction 

Name: Jackie

Age:  14

History of My Semi-Active Life

I have lived for almost a decade and a half, so there are ancient stories about me. I will give you a brief history of my life.

Technically, my birthday would be in May, but I wasn’t strong enough to survive in the world, so I stayed cooped up in my mom’s tummy for nine more months. When I finally felt like I was ready to face the world, it was already February, February 10th, 2005 to be exact. The light was so bright that it hurt my eyes, I cried, trying to ease the pain. Plus, it was so cold out there that I just wanted to crawl back into my forever summer world.

I was smaller than most kids in my school, but I was just as strong, which shocked some people. I have to admit, I was a fast runner, considering that I was the shortest in my class. I was running, 70% of the time. It wasn’t a surprise that my favourite game was tag. I loved staying after school to run around with my friends, now that I think about it, it has been a decade.

As I grew older, I ran less and less and less. Until recently, I ran only once or twice a week. Of course, my love for running games is still strong, but now that I’m in high school, I don’t really have the time, besides, I’m kind of hooked on my phone.

So there you go, my interesting semi-active life, exposed to the public.


Entry 6– Fiction 

Name: Duy

Age: 17

Scenes in the Morning

In the words of John Ruskin, “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

There is a very special place that I love, my family loves it too. Go there and you will love it also.
Every morning, my grandmother and grandfather often go to the park to exercise and to relax their minds and bones. One day I also woke up early and went to the park with my grandparents. The morning atmosphere in the park is fresh and cool. It makes people’s moods become softer and more peaceful.

Morning is the freshest moment to start a new day. The park in the morning and the evening is the busiest. However, the atmosphere is completely different. Morning always has something fresh and cool.

The early morning park has a gentle ray of sunshine weaving through the foliage above, not yet landed on the ground. Each gentle breeze shook the trees and flowers along the way.

The surface of the water in the morning was strangely calm, sometimes there were a few ripples and fish swarming. Looking at the lake like that, the heart of people also became relieved and quieter than ever.

In the morning, a lot of people go to the gym, the old people leisurely walk side by side and talk happily. Old people often wake up earlier than young people. Maybe they are busy at work, so they can’t go to the gym in the morning.

The gentle footsteps of many people mixed in with the running and jogging of other people made a messy and happy sound. The rows of ancient trees in the park look like they are reaching out to wake up to the dawn. In areas where flowers are planted, they are giving off fragrant aromas. On the petals lingering dew drops from last night, when the sun shines on it makes them sparkle and glitter, it is very beautiful.

Tired laughter and chirping birds seem to create the freshest and softest chorus to welcome a new day. Everyone is full of energy and energy to prepare for the new day.

As the sun grew higher and the sky became greener, the park became even more crowded. And I heard there was a loud honking in the street. Perhaps it was really sunny already. A new day begins.

I really like the cool weather in the park whenever it’s bright, because it makes me excited and satisfied.