Parts of Speech

Learn Word Classes often referred to as “Parts of Speech”, it will help you in the future.

I should warn you. English has many exceptions to the rules. The rules here apply in most situations, but note, there may be exceptions. The most common exceptions will be noted here.

We are going to begin with an explanation of the various word classes in English, with a few examples after each.

Parts of Speech
· Noun – A word that names a person, place, thing or idea/concept – Bond, Kevin, Chi Lan, girl, city, Mississauga, democracy
· Pronoun – A word that takes the place of a noun – I, you, we, me, us
· Article – A determiner that comes before nouns or adjectives, but only when one is necessary – a, an, the
· Adjective – A word that describes a noun – tall, thin, kind, beautiful
· Verb – A word that refers to an action, state or condition – run, walk, think, love
· Adverb – A word that further describes a verb – quickly, slowly
· Preposition – A word that details the relationship between a noun and the rest of the sentence – above, after, to
· Conjunction – Shows the connection between different parts of a sentence – and, but, or
· Interjection – A word showing emotion, but is not directly connected to the rest of the sentence – wow, ouch, thanks
· Quantifier – A word that refers to the quantity or amount – some, any