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English Pronunciation


English Pronunciation – Is this website for you?
Our goal is to help you communicate. You will improve your English pronunciation with practice. The more you speak, the better your English will become. Watch movies in English, listen to English radio, and watch English programs on television or online. English movies and programs with English subtitles, are best. Books with audio files are especially good. Pick topics that you are interested in. But to improve, you must practice, practice, practice.

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Don’t become discouraged

Look at the quotes on the slider below. I understand that sometimes your goals seem to appear far away. Motivational quotes and sayings are of great help, sometimes they seem to say something so true and of such assistance that we wish we had said them first. In the words of Thomas Fuller, “All things are difficult before they are easy”. When the mountain of work that you need to do seems insurmountable, read some motivational quotes. they help me, they will help you too. Have a look at this page.  There is no magic pill to improve your English pronunciation, it takes work.  

Is your English pronunciation affecting your ability to communicate?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, this course will help you.

  •  Is your English pronunciation stopping you from getting a promotion at work?
  •  Is your pronunciation preventing you from doing the work you were trained to do?
  •  Are you having problems understanding your boss or colleagues at work?
  •  Is your boss or are your colleagues having problems understanding you?
  •  Does your speech affect the grades in the courses you are taking?
  •  Is your English pronunciation causing embarrassment at work, at school or out in public?
  •  Does it bother you, that the teacher in your first country, didn’t teach you proper pronunciation?
  •  Are you planning to move to an English speaking country and want to make sure that your communication will be easy?
  •  Is your accent stopping you from speaking at work or in public?
  •  Do you find that people often ask you to repeat what you have just said?